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Tongue scraper

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Tongue scraper cleans toxins, fur, dead cells and dangerous microorganisms. Usage of a tongue scraper improves the function of taste receptors, discharge and chemical composition of saliva, improves digestive system, cures bad breath and protects teeth against caries.

4,50 €
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Copper bath


Ayurvedic center SPA Shanti, which is an ambassador of authentic Ayurvedic way of life and science of health, suggests you decorating your bathroom with copper handmade bath tubes and sinks from India. Bath tubes and sinks made by Hindu sculptors are known for both their sophisticated and classical forms and their healing qualities.Copper is necessary for various body functions of various organisms including humans.

4.200 €
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Rose oil

rožių aliejus

Rose oil is one of the most popular and luxurious ways to take care of your skin. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for mature, aging, sensitive, harmed and reddish skin. Rose oil is known for its soft texture. It brightens, softens and nourishes dry skin.

Natural incense


Incense are made of natural herbal oils and particles of coil or scented herbs that are pressed on bamboo scurf. Light and pleasant aromas of herbal oils neutralize bad smells, purify the environment and have a positive effect on a human organism.

100% natural black sesame oil

100% natūralus juodųjų sezamų sėklų aliejus

According to Ayurveda, this oil reduces muscle pain, nervous strain, anxiety, fatigue, rheumatism, improves blood circulation, strengthens body functions and immunity against illnesses and inflammation.

6-20 €
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Anti-cellulite “Garshan” oil


This anti-cellulite oil is real Indian magic. Special Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils helps to fight cellulite, your skin becomes smooth as silk. Regularly used oil…

“Ama Detox” ayurvedic herbal mix for stomach

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Copper bowls for heating oils 90 €


Attention, product is finished. For future orders, please write: spa@ajurveda.lt — For massage to be more pleasing, and to ensure better absorbation of oil, it…

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